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My American Hagen-relatives

The Hagen-family

    My great-grandmother Anne Olsdatter (picture at the left) was the only one of her whole family who did not emigrate to the USA: Her parents, her three sisters and three brothers went to the USA in 1892, 1893 and 1895. My great-great-grandparents, Anne and Ole Hagen returned to Norway in 1906. Halvor, Ola and Kristen also returned, but not at the same time.


    The three Hagen-girls, Ingeborg, Thore and Gunhild stayed in the USA.

Ingeborg Olsdatter Hagen, born 23.August 1864* in Heddal, Telemark, Norway, died 28.December 1949 in Los Angeles, Cal., also called Inga Engrave and Inga Bowe, emigrated from Norway in 1892. Married to Halvor Olsen Enggrav, born 6.December 1853** in Saude, Telemark, Norway, also called Halvor or Halver Engrave. Halvor emigrated from Norway in 1892. Inga lived in Forest city in Iowa, in Eden in Codington co. in SD, in Jamestown in Stutsman co. in ND and finally I believe she lived in Los Angeles, California, where she died. She had many children with Halvor Engrave: Tone, Tillie/Tilda/Matilda Amelia, Helmer Olie, Oscar, Alfred William, Walther, Annie/Anna and Alvin/Elvin. She also had two children who were born in Norway, called  Tone and Gunhild. They went to the USA with their grandmother, Anne. I guess Tone is called Tilda or Tena in the USA. Tena married Charles Messersmith. In 1911 Inga married Herman A. Bowe, born 22.Nowember 1868 in Wisconsin, died 14.November 1951. (* California Death Index says 25.August 1868)(**North Dakota Public Death Index says 5.December 1863)

Thore Olsdatter Hagen, born 17.March 1866 in Heddal, Telemark, Norway, emigrated from Norway in 1893.(Thore or Thora to the left on the picture). Married to Sveinung Johnsen Brukaas. They called themselves Sam and Thora in the USA. They had 3 children before they left Norway: Ella, Ole and Anne. She intended to go to Harrison, Wisconsin, when she arrived at Ellis Island, New York. When Thore came to the USA, she went to Wisconsin, where Sveinung / Sam waited for her. Later they moved to Leland, Winnebago, Iowa, and the had more children there. They lived in iowa in 1900 and in 1910. Beetween 1910 and 1920 they moved to North Dakota. In 1920 and in 1930 Sam and Thora lived in Argonne, in Adams county, North Dakota. They had 12 children, but their oldest child, Anlaug or Ella, must have died when they came to the USA. This picture shows (I am 90% sure this is them) the family with their 6 oldest children (minus Ella) 

Gunhild Olsdatter Hagen, born 29.October 1876, emigrated from Norway in 1895. She was the youngest sister, and the original plan was to travel along with my greatgrandmother, Anne, but she got married instead, and stayed at home. She intended to go to Scandinavia, Wisconsin, when she arrived at Ellis Island, New York. When Gunhild came to the USA, she changed her name to Julia. She married a man, with roots from Heddal, called Christ Peterson. They lived in Leland, Winnebago, Iowa. I guess they met in the area around Leland and Forest city, where the whole Hagen-family lived for a while. Julia's parents moved on to South-Dakota, but Julia stayed in Iowa. They had one son, Hiram Peterson, who also married a woman with roots from Heddal, Annie Regina Norstrud. 

My Norwegian Hagen-relatives

The three Hagen-boys, Halvor, Kristen and Ola (Ole) returned to Heddal after some years. 

Halvor Olsen Hagen, born 2.September 1871 in Heddal, Telemark, Norway, died 1960. Buried at Heddal graveyard. Married to Gunhild ěrneseide: 1 son. Halvor emigrated for the first time 8.July 1892 together with his sister Ingeborg and her daughter Tone Halvorsdatter. 

Kristen Olsen Hagen, born 6.February 1874 in Heddal, Telemark, Norway, died 29.April 1945. Buried at Heddal graveyard. Married twice, first time in USA with Ninni, one child: Eleonora Amalie Hagen. Married 2. time with Ingeborg Kasin, 15 children!! Emigrated together with his brother Ola and his mother Anne 9.November 1893. Sometimes Kristen is written Christen.

Ola (Ole) Olsen Hagen, born 4.November 1879 in Heddal, Telemark, Norway, died 30.March 1972 in Heddal. Buried at Heddal graveyard. Married to Anne ěrneseide, 11 children!! Emigrated to the USA together with his brother Kristen and his mother Anne 9.November 1893. 

Also their parents, Ole Kristensen and Anne Olsdatter Hagen emigrated to America, and stayed there for 13 years. Ole went to the USA 17.March 1893 and Anne 9.November 1893. They stayed a short time in Iowa, but they built themselves a farm in Dakota, but I don't know whether it was North- or South-. 

Back home, Ole and Anne built a new house at Gullbring in Heddal, near Heddal stavechurch and the place called Hagen, their original home.

Picture belongs to Anne Marie Buverud, Notodden

Ole and Anne's home at Gullbring: 

From the left: Anne Olsdatter Hagen, Anne Hagen (Ola's wife) with their daughter Anne (baby), Gunhild Hagen (Halvor's wife) with their son Olav ("Odda") on the table, Ola O. Hagen, Halvor O. Hagen and Ole Kristensen Hagen.

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